Neumann first started business in year 2012 as a specialist in Snooker & Pool table at a retail store located at Kampung Baru, Penang. Our staff have more than 20 years of experiences in assembly snooker and pool tables. We also offer professional maintenance services for snooker and pool tables as well as cue services (Adjust Cue, Repair Cue, Change tips, etc.).

Besides that, we also deal in snooker & pool cues and accessories. We provide quality cues that manufactured by Neumann which is based in China and Thailand. Our standards for producing cues are always based on the quality of wood. We manufacture our cues from high quality ash wood to ensure they are strong and durable. Moreover, we are also expert at giving our customers the right advice to help them choose the most suitable cues for them to enhance their skills.
In addition, Neumann also specialized in Roof Rack & Roof Box. They are made of high-quality materials from the Czech Republic. We have more than 100 dealerships in Malaysia, you can find our products in 4x4 car and accessories stores. We have more than 80 accessories, each of them is used according to the model of the car, thus our accessories are unique and unlike the market. We also provide professional maintenance service on Roof Rack & Roof Box.

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